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- for the promotion of universal values

- for sustainable social development

The Al Moultaqa Foundation is a non-profit association born with the vision of contributing to the emergence of a model of a truly prosperous society, driven by men and women who are vectors of peace and sustainable development and are motivated by universal values.

The activities of the Al Moultaqa Foundation revolve around 3 main axes: VALUES: The Foundation works to promote universal human values amongst the general public that have their roots in our cultural and spiritual heritage. It also campaigns to strengthen the values of patriotism and citizenship among young people. DEVELOPMENT : The Foundation actively participates in the socio-economic development of Morocco through the training and support of project leaders with the ambition of creating a supportive and innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem. It prioritizes projects promoting national heritage and those of an ecological nature. PEACE : The Foundation is actively involved in the process of dialogue and exchange between peoples and civilizations based on the human values of tolerance and coexistence for lasting peace. Al Moultaqa invites everyone to cultivate an inner peace that can reflect in the outside world. Each year, the Foundation organizes several major events: - The World Conference of Sufism (Rencontre Mondiale du Sufisme) organized under the High Patronage of His Majesty the King since 2015, brings together researchers and professors from all over the world to engage in dialogue around the themes of spirituality, coexistence, tolerance and human development. - The Solidarity Village, organized under the High Patronage of His Majesty the King since 2015, is an essential platform for meetings of social economy actors. Its mission is to create a bridge between European and Moroccan skills in order to enable participation in local development. - The Muslim Ecology Conference brings together teachers, researchers and young executives on the subjects of ethical behaviour and the climate crisis. - The Citizen University aims to instill in young people the values of citizenship and involve them in the management of public affairs. - The Techno-Ethics Forum is a think tank bringing together engineers and thinkers from various backgrounds around the integration of values in the technological sphere. - Health Prevention First Aid (SPS) workshops contribute to improving the health of citizens through interventions by specialists in medicine, nutrition and first aid, in accordance with the adage: "a healthy mind in a healthy body”.


 Bridging Spiritual Cultures organises inter-cultural and inter-faith projects to encourage mutual understanding and respect with a view to promoting social harmony and an understanding of Sufism.


BSPC expresses the responsibility and commitment in the UK of the Tariqa Qadiriya Boutchichiya to the communication of universal and spiritual values.

Following the inspiration and work of Al Moultaqa Foundation in Morocco, it cooperates in this endeavour with its partners in the UK and Europe (France and Brussels).

It is this inspiration and education that encourages our work in serving, promoting the greater good for all, and striving for a just society based on the values of love, peace and mercy. - We seek to communicate the values of Sufism as the spiritual dimension of Islam, the path of inner and outer peace. - We create positive exchange and dialogue to share the living tradition of Sufism at the heart of Islam’s spiritual heritage. - We promote the common roots of spiritual aspiration and universal values across human cultures, so as to strengthen mutual aid, cooperation and understanding at all levels. - We organize public and online events and programmes in order to deepen understanding of the spiritual heritage and contribution of Sufi education as the knowledge of Islamic spirituality.

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