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Paris May 20, 2018 -St Merry Church. The national group of the Tariqa Qadiriyya Boutchichiyya were a guest of honor from Morocco invited by the Church of St Merry. This group is supported by the Al Jamaal (Beauty) Foundation chaired by Moulay Mou'ad El Kadiri, and on this occasion was honoured with the presence of Dr. Moulay Mounir El Kadiri and Moulay Mourad El Kadiri. The sacred night was  organized by the Church of St Merry in partnership with the group Coexister. These historic moments were shared with an audience of all religions to promote co-existence and understanding. What better language than spiritual song to express the beauty of Islam and love, and to convey the message of peace and the beautiful values ​​of excellence (Ihsân).

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