Bridging Spiritual Cultures (BSPC) is a UK based educational charity that seeks to share the values of Sufism, by communicating the spiritual dimension of Islam.


This dimension explains the reality of Islam as the path of inner and outer peace.


We work to enable this understanding through creating positive exchange and dialogue that deepens appreciation of the living tradition of Sufism at the heart of Islam’s spiritual heritage.


At the same time, we actively promote the common roots of spiritual aspiration and universal values across cultures, and aim to strengthen mutual aid, cooperation and understanding at all levels.


In order to deepen understanding of the spiritual heritage and contribution of Sufi education as the knowledge of Islamic spirituality, we organize public and online programmes and events involving learning, dialogue, and cultural and exchange.



By seeking to root the values of love and generosity in hearts, Sufi teaching constitutes a framework for the realization of humanity.

This spiritual education is at the heart of Islam, at one and at the same time rooted in traditional practice and a lived reality, fully engaged with the issues and challenges of the contemporary age.

It both shares and shows a middle way of balance for people of faith or no faith.

It serves the progress of human culture by providing a means to the healing of the human heart from the spiritual sicknesses that beset it.

It offers protection against the negative cycles of materialism and consumerism, and the social ills that are spread through these cycles.

It shares the richness of this spiritual intelligence and capital that is essential for the positive, meaningful, and hopeful dialogue between cultures and religions so needed in our times.

BSPC expresses the responsibility and commitment in the UK of the Tariqa Qadiriya Boutchichiya to the communication of universal and spiritual values.

Following the inspiration and work of Al Moultaqa Foundation in Morocco, it cooperates in this endeavour with its partners in the UK and Europe (France and Brussels).

Our trustees and volunteers come from diverse backgrounds whilst sharing the the same aspirations and commitment to the living spiritual path.

It is this inspiration and education that encourages our work in serving, promoting the greater good for all, and striving for a just society based on the values of love, peace and mercy.


Throughout the history of Islam, as in other spiritual traditions, wise men and women gifted with understanding have consecrated their lives and their research to studying the sources of the heart’s tranquillity.


They have scrutinised the human soul and sought out its defects and the corresponding remedies. They have constructed a science of education and laid the foundations of spiritual progression which constitute a true asset for the heritage of humankind. This science is known by the name of Sufism.


Sufism transcends time and place, drawing inspiration from the Qur’an, the prophetic example and teachings of spiritual educators who inherit this tradition through an authentic connection or `silsila’.


It is in this way that Sufi education ensures the realisation of noble conduct, true acts of goodness, and the values of mercy, peace, tolerance, love and unity, whilst promoting these values together with the rejection of hatred, violence, extremism and exclusion.




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