We aim to enable positive exchange and dialogue between diverse faiths and traditions to promote understanding of the similarities and common roots of spiritual aspiration and universal values across cultures.

We aim to strengthen community cohesion, mutual aid and learning at all levels, and to deepen understanding of the spiritual heritage, and contribution of Sufism as the knowledge of Islamic spirituality. This spirituality is the heart of Islam, at one and at the same time rooted in traditional practice and a lived reality, fully engaged with the issues and challenges of the contemporary age. It both shares and shows a middle way for people of faith or no faith.

We aim to achieve this through public events involving cultural and artistic exchanges, educational programs, workshops, conferences and seminars.



BSPC has been formed by Sufi-minded Muslims and professionals spread across the world, but especially in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and who are inspired by the spiritual teachings of the great sufi masters of the Muslim world which inform and deepen our understanding of the quran and the practices of Islam relevant to the contemporary age.

We have trustees in the UK, France, Morocco, Dubai and Mexico with professional backgrounds, diverse experience and a desire to contribute to a more peaceful coexistence, active citizenship and positive human progress in this world.

We work on a voluntary basis to promote BSPC events and to deepen our own spiritual understanding through connection with others of different backgrounds, and wish to enable others to do the same.


Throughout the history of Islam, as in other spiritual traditions, wise men and women gifted with understanding have consecrated their lives and their research to studying the sources of the heart’s tranquillity. They have scrutinised the human soul and sought out its defects and the corresponding remedies. They have constructed a science of education and laid the foundations of spiritual progression which constitute a true asset for the heritage of humankind. This science is known by the name of Sufism.

Sufism transcends time and place, drawing inspiration from the quran, the prophetic tradition and teachings of spiritual educators with a recognised spiritual pedigree or `silsila’.

It is in this way that sufi education ensures the realisation of noble conduct, true acts of goodness, and the values of mercy, peace, tolerance, love and unity, whilst promoting these values together with the rejection of hatred, violence, extremism and exclusion.





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